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      I have written in 2009 concerning the twelve minor prophets and their Hebrew name which may hide a mystery from God. Here it goes.

      Hebrew meaning of twelve minor prophets’ name

      Hosea                 Salvation is the Lord

      Joel                     A worshiper of Yahweh

      Amos                  Borne by God

      Obadiah             Servant of God

      Jonas                  Dove

      Micah                 Who is like God

      Nahum                 Comforter

      Habakkuk            Embrace

      Zephaniah            Concealed is the Lord

      Haggai                  My feast

      Zechariah              Yahweh remembers

      Malachi                    Messenger

      Combine all these, we have the following;

      “Salvation is the Lord !”, said by a worshiper, borne by God, a servant of God, a dove.

      “Who is like God?” For he is a Comforter, and he embraces us.

      Concealed is the Lord. ” My Feast !” Yahweh remembers. A messenger he shall send.

      It seems the mystery has to do with a feast God shall remember, and a messenger from God shall remind people of which feast it is. There are seven feasts of Israel. My guess is it will be the Passover feast God shall remember because of it’s significance in history. God may even send His Son Jesus back to earth on a future Passover.

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      :good: Great Research!  Hoping and praying its Passover  2019!


      Do you think Adam and Eve spoke Hebrew?

      Do you think that will be the language in heaven or will we be able to talk the language we were born with and everyone will understand each other?





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      Geri7, that’s a tough question. What language do we use in heaven? My guess is God’s language. When our body instantly changed into a resurrected body and caught up to heaven, we are no longer using our language but God’s language. Concerning Adam and Eve, I don’t think they spoke to each other in Hebrew.

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