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      Wouldn’t it be just like our God to have the fulfillment of two 70th weeks of Daniel happen at the same time?!?  Artaxerxes issued the first decree to rebuild Jerusalem, and then after 69 weeks the Lord had to hit the pause button when Israel rejected the King and His Kingdom on Palm Sunday.  One week, the 70th week, remains.  Then, in 1535 (debated exactly when between 1535-1538) Suleiman the Magnificent issued his own decree to rebuild Jerusalem.  How amazing would it be if the 70th week of Suleiman’s timeline (1536 +483 =2019) is synchronized to Artaxerxes’ timeline, such that when the rapture takes place and the covenant of the AC is strengthened, both 70th weeks take place at exactly the same time.  Things that make you go hummmmm.  Thoughts?

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      I’m going to “thumbs up” your very good observation of the patterns and year numbers, Watchman35. Thanks for the easy-to-grasp proposal. Makes sense. There are probably thousands of different things converging that are actually related to our departure, including this one. 2019! Love it! My own expectation model takes a pretty long time to explain, but summarizing, our leaving should be on or prior to the first week of May 2019. But, as I’m usually prone to claim, like Schultz always did on Hogan’s Heroes, “I don’t know nussingh!”

      Let’s go, Brother!

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        Good to be back on with you Dan.  Thanks for moderating.  God knows I’m in desperate need of moderation…:yes:

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        :yes: :good: :heart:

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