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        Carry on!

        Previous thread here.

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        Patricia N.

          U.S. Launches Retaliatory Airstrikes After Iranian Drone Kills American in Syria:

          The U.S. military launched multiple precision airstrikes against targets in Syria on Thursday after an attack using an Iranian drone killed an American contractor and wounded six others, including five U.S. soldiers.

          Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said the retaliatory strikes targeted Syrian militias linked to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).  “The air strikes were conducted in response to today’s attack as well as a series of recent attacks against Coalition forces in Syria by groups affiliated with the IRGC. No group will strike our troops with impunity,” Austin said.

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          So Ready

            French Gov’t BANS Cartoon Video About Ukraine War – The Cartoon is “Spot-on” by Hal Turner

            Note: All videos are screen shots, to watch click link:

            The government of France has officially BANNED the one minute video below, which describes the Ukraine War perfectly, calling it “Russian Propaganda.”  Sorry Macron, the truth hurts!


            Here’s the cartoon by a French independent journalist group called “BarracudaS”


            Meanwhile, the world grows weary of Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, and his alleged Cocaine use.   It’s becoming public mockery now, as evidenced by this “Mobile Tribute to Volodymyr Zelensky”:


            And when the world isn’t poking fun at President Cocaine, they’re mocking his alleged Money Laundering:


            I hear rumors that schools  are even teaching this in Geometry:


            While we’re all laughing, this Zelensky has now resorted to having Priests arrested, in church, DURING MASS:



            Fair Use




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              The cartoon was pretty much on target.

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              Patricia N.

                Finland to be admitted to NATO ‘within days’ following Turkish approval — will double NATO’s border with Russia:

                Turkey’s parliament approved a bill Thursday to permit Finland’s admission to NATO. With Hungary similarly backing the Nordic country’s admission to the military alliance this week, all 30 members are now onside and ready to double NATO’s border with the Russian Federation.
                NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Friday, “All 30 Nato allies have now ratified the accession protocol. … Finland will formally join our alliance in the coming days.”

                Russia presently shares approximately 754 miles of border with NATO members Norway, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, and Lithuania. In light of Finland’s 830 miles of shared border with Russia, there will soon stretch nearly 1,600 miles of geographic contact between NATO-protected regions and Russia.

                Extra to hemming in Russia to a greater extent in northern Europe, this move signals an end to decades of Finnish neutrality, reported the Guardian.

                “Geographically, their addition to the alliance adds a huge, difficult-to-defend border that complicates Putin’s calculus,” said Stavridis.

                In May 2022, the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement, saying, “Finland joining NATO is a radical change in the country’s foreign policy. … Russia will be forced to take retaliatory steps, both of a military-technical and other nature, in order to stop threats to its national security arising.”


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                Patricia N.

                  Amir Tsarfati:

                  The New York Times reported: If Ukraine’s air defense forces do not receive dramatic assistance, they are expected to collapse soon, and the Russian Air Force could change the face of the war.


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                  Patricia N.

                    Sorry, I tried something new and it didn’t work.  I thought I edited it in time but apparently not.  Mods could delete the previous post.  Anyway, here is the headline:

                    Amir Tsarfati:

                    Ukraine “tried to assassinate Putin using a drone loaded with explosives that crashed . . . near Moscow,” German media claims.



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                    Patricia N.

                      From Amir Tsarfati’s email newsletter:

                      Kremlin Hit by UAV Attack
                      Last night at 3:00 AM, two UAVs penetrated Russian air defenses and reached the Kremlin. There, they were destroyed before they had a chance to cause any damage. Russia now claims that it was an attempt by Ukraine to assassinate Vladimir Putin, despite the Russian president not being on site and rarely visiting the Kremlin. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy denied the accusation, saying, “We don’t attack Putin, or Moscow, we fight on our territory.” Many in Russian leadership are demanding retribution, with former president Dmitry Medvedev saying that it is time that Moscow’s military takes out Zelenskyy himself. Outside of Russia and Ukraine, there are those who believe this may be a false flag attempt by Russia to justify political assassination or increasing the level of weapons.

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                      Patricia N.

                        Amir Tsarfati about the attack on Russia and where Sudan fits in Bible prophecy.  Starts at about the four-minute mark:

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                          Bakhmut: Zelensky says city is destroyed as Russia claims victory


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                          Patricia N.

                            Joe Biden Is Preparing to Provide US F-16 Fighter Jets to Ukraine – World War III Can’t Come Fast Enough for These Elites:

                            Joe Biden is preparing to supply fighters for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.  This is a serious escalation in the War in Ukraine and it comes on the same day that Russia captured Bakhmut, an important base in eastern Ukraine.

                            Joe Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan says providing the F-16s will PREVENT World War III.  It doesn’t work that way, Jake.  This is called an escalation in the war with Russia. And, of course, there are no Ukrainian pilots who can fly the US planes.

                            America and its allies plan to provide F-16s to Ukraine — although the fighter jets may not necessarily come directly from the United States.  The timing for when Ukraine will receive the fighter jets — and which countries will provide them — remains unclear.

                            The news comes as President Joe Biden on Friday informed leaders of leading industrialized nations that the U.S. will support efforts to train Ukrainian pilots on F-16s.

                            Joe Biden Is Preparing to Provide US F-16 Fighter Jets to Ukraine – World War III Can’t Come Fast Enough for These Elites



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                              And, of course, there are no Ukrainian pilots who can fly the US planes.

                              And even when they can finally fly these war birds the skilled Russian pilots will pick them off like shooting fish in a barrel. What morons thought this was a good idea?

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                              Patricia N.

                                Amir Tsarfati:

                                Allegedly the Free Russia Legion, which fights on the side of Ukraine but is composed of Russians, is invading southern Belgorod, Russia.

                                BASICALLY- it’s now a reversed situation – Ukraine invaded Russia!

                                Two tanks, two APC vehicles, and about eighty Ukrainian soldiers are in the village of Kuzinka in the Belgorod region, Russia. Nothing like this has happened since World War II.

                                Suicide mission: A small Ukrainian force of two tanks and a number of armored personnel carriers today penetrated the Russian border from the territory of Ukraine towards the Russian city of Belgrade. The force was discovered and captured, and now Russian helicopters are bombing it from the air.


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                                Patricia N.

                                  Amir Tsarfati:

                                  A clear Russian nuclear threat :
                                  Russian senior Dmitry Medvedev (former President of Russia): “Europe has lost its mind. The US usually acts according to its pragmatic interests, they don’t fight themselves, they just make money. As for Europe, for me, it’s an amazing story. They constantly heat up and enthuse the situation with their decisions. In this situation, they will supply planes to the Kyiv regime. More than that, they might also give the Ukrainians nuclear weapons.
                                  But then that means a missile with a nuclear warhead will reach them, and there are irreversible laws of war. If it is a nuclear weapon, a pre-emptive strike would be necessary. The Anglo-Saxons don’t quite get it and think it won’t come to that. It will happen, under certain conditions.”


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                                  Patricia N.

                                    Amir Tsarfati:

                                    How does Saudi Arabia warm up Europe and the US, and help Russia? Bloomberg reveals today. It buys diesel and Russian fuel (174,000 barrels per day in April, and 191,000 in May, a record for years), for its own consumption. It sells its fuel to Europe at a profit, And so it bypasses the European sanctions on the resale of Russian fuel.


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                                    Patricia N.

                                      Any Country That Joins Russian ‘Union’ Can Have Nuclear Weapons, Says Belarus:

                                      There could be “nuclear weapons for everyone” who wants to join the Union between Russia and Belarus, President Alexander Lukashenko said.

                                      Following the deployment of nuclear weapons to European Union-bordering Belarus for the first time since the end of the Cold War last week, Belarus’s President has opened the invitation to “everyone” to join the security pact with Moscow and get nuclear weapons in return.

                                      “If someone is worried [then] it is very simple,” Reuters reports Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko as saying in a televised interview with Russian state television station Russia 1. All any country worried about its security had to do was “join in the Union State of Belarus and Russia. That’s all,” he said.


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                                      Patricia N.

                                        Another Strike on Vladimir Putin? Over Two Dozen Suspected Ukrainian Kamikaze Drones Hit Wealthy Moscow Region Within “Earshot” of Putin’s Official Residence:

                                        The Daily Mail reported that Moscow was attacked by several suspected Ukrainian drones Tuesday morning ostensibly in revenge for Russian attacks on Kyiv.

                                        The early morning assault specifically targeted the wealthiest areas of the city, where Putin and multiple Russian elites have homes.  The New York Times notes that this marked the first time strikes hit civilian areas in Russia’s capital.

                                        As many as 32 drones were reportedly involved.

                                        If Ukraine was involved in this attack, the odds of World War III just skyrocketed.

                                        Another Strike on Vladimir Putin? Over Two Dozen Suspected ‘Ukrainian’ Kamikaze Drones Hit Wealthy Moscow Region Within “Earshot” of Putin’s Official Residence – Several Injuries Reported (VIDEO)


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                                        Todd Tomlinson

                                          A lot of “chatter” going on across various channels about the NATO exercises June 12th – 24th, including rumblings of hospitals, prisons, and other institutions being advised to have 10 days of food on hand in case supply chains are disrupted.   Still hoping to be off this 3rd rock in 2023.   Is this the event that triggers something Biblical?

                                          BERLIN, Germany – Exercise Air Defender 2023 (AD23) is a German-led, multinational exercise focusing on operational and tactical-level live-flying and will take place across Germany from June 12-24, 2023.

                                          We want to demonstrate the agility and swiftness of Air Forces as a first responder and showcase NATO Air Power

                                          AD23 involves Air Forces from 24 Nations and 220 aircraft. The German Air Force ensures command and control of air operations during the exercise. It will be combined in time and space with the German-led Multinational Air Group Exercise (MAGDAYS 23) and linked to two NATO exercises (RAMSTEIN DUST 23 and RAMSTEIN GUARD 23).

                                          “Our goals for this largest deployment exercise since the foundation of NATO are comprehensive,” said Lieutenant General Ingo Gerhartz, Chief German Air Force. “We want to demonstrate the agility and swiftness of Air Forces as a first responder and showcase NATO Air Power. In addition, we as the Luftwaffe show that we can plan, organise and execute such a large exercise. We take responsibility. The collaboration of 24 Nations hones our interoperability and enables a credible deterrence against a potential aggressor. The transatlantic dimension – we will have 100 US Air National Guard aircraft flying in Europe – is a rock-solid proof of NATO cohesion and solidarity,” Lieutenant General Gerhartz concluded underlining the importance of Germany as a hub for Allied defensive operations within Europe.

                                          The German Air Force and the United States Air National Guard are the key players during exercise Air Defender 23 and will be joined by 22 other Nations conducting operational and tactical-level live-flying in Europe this summer. Photo courtesy Air National Guard.

                                          A specially liveried A400M taxiing at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland, during an information campaign promoting exercise Air Defender 23 to US audiences in early April 2023.
                                          Photo courtesy Air National Guard.

                                          Lieutenant General Michael Loh (left), Director Air National Guard, and the German Chief of the Air Force, Lieutenant General Ingo Gerhartz during a press conference presenting the multinational live-fly exercise Air Defender 23 in Washington. Photo by Luftwaffe/Francis Hildemann.

                                          F-35A Lightning II jets from the Vermont Air National Guard’s 158th Fighter Wing during an Agile Combat Employment in mid-April. Air National Guard 5th generation jets will also deploy for exercise Air Defender 23. Photo courtesy Air National Guard.
                                          Participating Air Forces will be exposed to training scenarios simulating a NATO Article 5 scenario, i.e. collective defence of Alliance territory. Following the arrival and bed-down of incoming US reinforcements and other Allied aircraft at three hubs in Germany Jagel/Hohn in Schleswig-Holstein, Wunstorf in Lower Saxony and Lechfeld in Bavaria as well as Spangdahlem in Rhineland-Palatinate, Volkel in the Netherlands and Čáslav in the Czech Republic, the participants will practice Composite Air Operations (COMAOs) in training areas over Germany and conduct so-called out-and-back missions into the Baltic States and Romania.

                                          Assets from Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Italy, Japan, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary, the United Kingdom, and the United States will be flying in AD23.

                                          The training areas in the east, south and north of Germany used during AD23 are based on areas that the Air Force has used for routine training for decades. However, to accommodate comprehensive large-force flying activities they have been expanded and partly connected with each other by corridors.

                                          “With AD23 we practice a wide spectrum of Air Operations via large daily COMAOs and underscore Germany’s capability to ensure command and control of multinational Air Forces,” said Lieutenant General Gerhartz. “Another important aspect is to facilitate continuation training for Air Force units and reinforcing our cooperative bond with the eastern flank of NATO by conducting Air Defence mission in the Czech Republic airspace to reinforce the cooperative bond with east,” he added.

                                          While large-scale training is essential to maintain a credible deterrence and defence capability of Allied Air Forces, the German Air Force is making efforts to minimise the impact of AD23 on the population. The three air exercise areas will only be used for two to four hours a day at various times and, for safety reasons, closed for civilian air traffic during these time windows. In close cooperation with the authorities responsible for flight safety processes and procedures are currently being optimised to minimise the effects on civilian air traffic as much as possible.

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                                            NATO and Ukraine are really flirting with WWIII. Since 2020 things have kept accelerating towards disaster: socially, economically, and militarily. People are really scribbled up. Time for us to leave and let them have at it. 🙏🙏🙏

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                                                I 2nd that, Kent. I’m sick and tired of watching the descent and eating :popcorn. Please Lord Jesus can we  go now?!? :thankyou

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                                              Patricia N.

                                                Amir Tsarfati:

                                                Something big is brewing – Russia is taking another 3,000 tanks out of storage – but not all of them are going to Ukraine!

                                                Last weekend, starting last Friday, Russia pulled three thousand additional tanks from various warehouses and began loading them onto trains.


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                                                Patricia N.

                                                  Russian Forces Now Shooting at Each Other as Infighting Boils Over – Claims:

                                                  Forces on the Russian side of the ongoing Ukraine War have reportedly shot at each other, with politically-motivated infighting rising to new highs.

                                                  Officials from Russia’s Wagner paramilitary group claim to have come under fire from members of the regular Russian army, in what appears to be an instance of politically motivated infighting.

                                                  Tensions between Wagner and Russia’s military and political class have been ratcheting up over recent months, with the PMC boss’ leader Yevgeny Prigozhin even seemingly taking aim at Vladimir Putin in recent posts on social media.


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                                                    That probably won’t end well for Prigozhin.

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                                                      Ukraine dam breached, unleashing floods as residents ordered to evacuate

                                                      Kyiv, Moscow accuse each other of striking dam in Russia-controlled region in southeastern Ukraine. The Associated Press · Posted: Jun 06, 2023

                                                      The Ukrainian Interior Ministry called for residents of 10 villages on the Dnipro’s right bank and parts of the city of Kherson downriver to gather essential documents and pets, turn off appliances and leave, while cautioning against possible disinformation.

                                                      The Russian-installed mayor of occupied Nova Kakhovka, Vladimir Leontyev, said it was being evacuated as water poured into the city.

                                                      Ukraine controls five of the six dams along the Dnipro, which runs from its northern border with Belarus down to the Black Sea and is crucial for the entire country’s drinking water and power supply.




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