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      I wish I could have put more gumption in the title to let everyone know that  what was going on in the heavens during the Revelation 12 signs in 2017 and 2018  was also  giving valuable information as to what was taking place on the earth below!

      I do not have my charts  or supporting   research  with me just  the facts that I have of being a stout watcher of the times!

      What the Revelation 12 signs are all about is a War taking place on earth but is being explained in the heavens with these astronomy signs of biblical proportions!

      What have we been witnessing since the rising up of the conservatives and the righteous population as those who support the woman and the persecuted jewish population in Israel–  constant accusations over the prince and power of the  MEDIA of the AIR WAVES!!  Yes!!!  News MEDIA!! 24/7 and 364!  The accuser of our brethren and President and those who seek justice and righteous rule in America are being accused  ” DAY and NIGHT” on the news media as the dragon system attempts and seeks to  bring down the manchild  population of the supporters of Israel and the Lord that lives in the hearts of the land of America!

      Can’t you just see this war being played out over the last months after the  Presidency of Trump  gave an open door for those who are on the righteous side of  freedom and  liberty to  not hide their true identity;  and to support the kind of government that seeks to keep those of use living at peace and not under bondage to tyranny!

      What has been the main Dragons  deep state  system’s lies during this season of open spiritual warfare—those who support this government are tresonist and racists and are anti-gay and anti-socialist!!  Buy the way anyone who calls someone racist  without proof and  just half back information-are themselves racists-cause it takes a racist to call someone a racist—and  if these haters of  the righteous and conservatives are spewing out hate themselves  with vitrial anger in their vocal tone— it is still  hate just as racist hatred is all an emotion of hatred!  Hate is hate no matter what they call it!!!

      The Dragon  was waiting to devour the supreme court justice-who has the rod of iron of justice and the rule of law–in the last year  during the Supreme court nomination trial– and the Dragon was waiting to devour those  silent teens on the steps of the Right To life march as women and men of righteous upbringing were coming against the  abortionist law that would kill the manchilds offspring by ending life at the birth stage!

      All these  actions from this Dragon system has been to silence the unborn and to  bring down the supporters of a righteous government and to get at the juggler vein of this whole movement—those who follow the LAMB OF  God and serve the Lord Jesus Christ!

      This Dragon system is forming on earth right now and was  beginning to take shape at the time of the Revelation 12 sign in September  2017–By the way  The French country of Canada (Little France) Hosted the Group of Seven Nations just earlier in 2017 as this Seven Headed economic beast had its seven heads in power but not yet its 10  horns  developed!!

      This event will  be fulfilled in August 2019 with France being host to the Group of Seven Nations and the 10 horn nations who serve as the military  arm of Europe being in power by the Emmanual(God With Us) Macron leader—His speech was delivered with this plan of takeover in September 2017 during the Revelation 12 sign-it was just over ONE HOUR in lenght–Called the army of the WILLING–God will  cause these 10 horns to  be willing and give their power to this leader after one hour!! Rev. 17!

      Before this the Dragon had  his seven headed nations with crowned athority only and no power  yet for those 10 nation army of the willing—in August 2019  during this World governance summit–the 10  army nation will have the crowns and the seven heads will be  less in the seat of power!! Right out of the lines of Revelation 12 and 13!!

      The Woman in Heaven  with the crown on her head is a city!!   Jerusalem–Scriptures back this up  In Galatians and Isaiah 66!  The Moon is  Israel since  rabbis in Israel have stated this fact many times -the jewish people reflect the face of God  and the torah is the Law of God! The Moon reflects the Sun!

      Jerusalem was crowned the capital of  Israel (officially) by the Trump government in December 2017  just as the woman was giving birth to the manchild in heaven according to the Revelation 12 sign!

      The crown on Jerusalems head-is this historical event on earth!  She then fleed from the Tel Aviv  city and went through the desert until she reached her  final resting place just inside the city limits of Jerusalem that Great City!

      They found  this woman in heaven a place to habitate for 1,260 days–when did this event happen–May 14, 2018!!  Not  more then a few months after the Revelatiomn 12 sign on September 23, 2017!

      Someone can count AHEAD  FROM mAY 14, 2018 AND SEE WHAT DAY THAT LANDS ON–But I will not do the math except to say it  is near the end of 2021 or leading up to  2022!!

      The War in Heaven is to take place in 2021-22 and this is when a great meteor storm will occur on May 30, 2022–in the Hercules constellation-with many star meteors falling to the earth-  and the Revelation 12 sign has the Dragon falling to earth after the woman is protected for this first 1,260 days!!

      The Hercules constellation is most likely Michael the archangel fighting in heaven with his angels and his foot is near Draco  or Serpens and this could be when the  angels and the devil fall to the earth during this meteor storm!

      It so happens that  when Jupiter the manchild sign  is getting ready to go upwards in its retrograde movement as it is now  at  in  Sagittarius– the  being caught up stage of  this Manchild generation or movemnent of the righteous–that the event that took [place on the steps of the capitol building during the march for life(UNBORN) was being witnessed–it was like the dragon was confronting the innocent manchildren-face to face–trying to devour this movement with its lying spin on the media and cut up video!

      But the Righteous was soon delivered away from the Dragon system and also from the  more recent  media lies which were trying to bring down not only the government  in America but also those who support it!!

      Yep in the heavens above the Jupiter manchild is starting to chart its course upwards and away from this Dragon possessed system who is passing  laws to commit infantiside  just like in the days of the Lords first coming when Herod the King  was killing thos children under the age of two years old-so as to prevent the coming Messiah from taking His place as the savior of all Mankind–and of courese the Dragon will fail this time also upon the Lords second return to the earth and are departure soon up into the air to meet Him!!

      Watch and pary–until that day!!!

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