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      ~ ~ reminiscing ~ ~  memory lane, here ~ I asked this question back in 2013 on the old RITA ~

      ~I was struck by the sweet answer Lisaleenie gave . .    I do imagine how she truly is enjoying Jesus and His affection for her now and she for Him ~

      ~and for all His children there?~~~ such is the Kingdom of Heaven


      Lisaleenie writes:   “Yes, I definitely think that Jesus was affectionate. Why else would children respond to Him in such a positive way? They don’t respond to sour, unaffectionate people.

      He would touch the leper…something that no one even dared (or wanted) to do. He could have healed them by His Word alone, but He choose to touch them…which must have meant the world to them, considering that everyone recoiled when they came near them.

      And remember the woman who cried and kissed His feet and wiped her tears with her hair? She would not have felt comfortable doing such a loving gesture if she had not seen and sensed His love and His affection for others.

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      :rose: :bye:


      Hi from VC from the past.  IT’S GOOD TO BE HOME AGAIN.  Absolutely Jesus was and is affectionate.  That’s how much He loves each of us.  He’s gone to much trouble for Himself to accomplish this and soon will reveal to the world just How much He loves each of us.  It saddens Him that many have rejected His love.  That’s our job to reveal this truth.  He’s going the extra mile to save more souls.  He will soon amaze all with the degree He’s willing to go to  save  more  souls.  This desire is uppermost in His heart.  That’s an affectionate Savior!

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      Note to Donna–I’ve heard about your precious Larry.  I’m so sorry.  You and I both know our husbands suffered before passing.  We both know they were ready and looking forward to meeting Jesus face to face and in the end the passing was a blessing.  Staying behind was harder.  Now we look forward to a great reunion that indeed will be affectionate and a blessing.  I needed to express my condolences to you but also to encourage you in this process.  You are in my prayers.


      I have had other experiences and know death is like going through a door into the light of glory.  It’s sad for those of us left behind —  they are no longer suffering but enjoying our Lord’s affections from there up close and personal.   They are now with family past having grand reunions with young looking and able grandparents.  But He is there for us caring  for us as  we adjust to this new reality.  That’s personal and affectionate.  Aw, the reunion that will be…. with our affectionate Savior!


      Glad to see you here and hope this helps in adjusting to life with a hole in it.  Love ya, Sis!  Yes, remembering our Leenie, who I’d dubbed our Welcome Lady here at RN.  There was never a newcomer she didn’t rush to meet and greet!  We look forward to seeing her on the other side as well.


      I’m so sorry, Sis.  I know you miss your husband as much as I miss mine.  There is a sweet joy in knowing we will be together again with them and family and friends that have gone before us.

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        Hi VC!! ‘Bout time you showed up ;-) So glad you found your way back home here. Reading your post brings to mind the following pic:

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      Hey VC, you’re sneaking in the back door sis! :bye:   I saw your butterfly and knew you had arrived. I’d like to encourage you to let members know you’re here on the Welcome to RitaN main page sticky section. Welcome, and I’m so glad for your return to fellowship along the way till He calls. :rose: :heart: :rose:  

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      Hi Johanan –Good to connect and thanks for sharing this special memory. The perfect addition to the post!

      Okay, Kolleen–I didn’t know there was a back door.  Still getting acquainted with this lovely new forum.  lol   But friends do sometimes use the backdoor too.  Closer to the teapot, you know.   I did post on the Welcome post per your great advice.  Thrilled to have the butterfly back!  Thanks!!  In Heaven I will need a photo of this butterfly to be recognized as Ritan.  Ha!

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      David W. Roche

      Welcome back, VC! So good to have the team back together.  It’s a little preview of heaven’s joys to know we’re still ready and waiting for His glory to be revealed!


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      I have always loved that image Yohanan!

      Agreeing with you David!

      Yes VC, we will find you there by your purple butterfly’s!! :rose:


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      David, Kolleen,– so good to hear from you both and reminisce together.  Yes, the team is back in touch.  You’ve been greatly missed.  Looking forward to what Jesus has in store for all of us next.  :good:

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        Ruth Breithaupt

        Though I wasn’t part of “the team”, I so enjoy the fellowship, love, and yes, Christian comradeship expressed  here — you are all very appreciated !!

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