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      OK.  You guys on this board probably know me as well as most people in this world.  Every once in awhile, my pastor asks me to pinch-hit for him and preach in his absence.  It is an incredibly sobering responsibility and privilege to me, and frankly one that I feel very unqualified and undeserving of.  So many areas of my life are not what I would want them to be or what I think they should be.  That said, for the first time in over three years, I feel led to post one of those sermons.  It is on the need for discerning between the authentic and the counterfeit in these last days.  If you have the time and feel led to listen, perhaps it will bless and encourage you.  If nothing else, it will give you a face to put with Watchman35.  :bye:

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      Thank you, Ron.  That was an excellent and inspiring message delivery of vital spiritual importance.  Counterfeit — Satan’s stock in trade / Authenticity — Jesus’ redeeming reality.  Pinch preaching, huh?  The Spirit used you well, at least relative to my take-aways, and I’m somewhat typical I think.  Anyway, as a Broncos fan, I wasn’t thinking about the Titans game.  :wacko: :negative: :whistle:

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