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      Life seemingly is becoming more wearisome with each passing day…Oh bother!  Ever grateful for what the Lord has provided, but the most wearisome aspect of our lives is still being separated from our first love!  Unable to see and feel Him!  Life’s pleasures seem to fade into a dull and forgotten memory!  Life in this realm seems to be like no more than a tedious treadmill!  Even our dreams for our future here on this Earth seem lifeless and meaningless!  How long Oh Lord must we endure?!  How long until we are renewed, restored and received into Heavenly realms!  Even with a thousand years of milleniall life we still await the fulfillment of God’s full and complete intentions for man!  What will eternity hold and have reason for being, but for us, all else is simply trim and pomp!  TR

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      I know how you feel.  Do you have any hobbies you enjoy … perhaps do some of them while watching?  Or go for walks or bike ride … are you close to the beach or lake to enjoy the outdoors?

      I was in mega depression when the high watch date of Easter came and went and it didn’t help reading the bad news headlines every day. I couldn’t take it any longer so I went off the grid to deep clean, down size/organize … I got the can goods/ non perishable items all in one place and I left Bibles and Tracts on top of the cans. So whoever breaks in … they got the supplies and the Spiritual hope at their finger tips.

      I’m staying busy decorating now with the Christmas theme in many of the rooms since that is my favorite holiday that gives me joy. I plan on painting the cabinets off white and then hang up little wreaths and … I’m on the look out for a Charlie Brown Christmas tree for the kitchen. :mdrmdr:


      This is my “metaverse” world to keep me distracted from the cares of this sick world … however, I still expect the rapture to happen in 2022.   Soon we fly …

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      One Christmas I simply taped together a few cut branches, and hung three ornaments!

      I like “thrifting” at thrift stores and garage sales!

      Again, hobbies are simply distractions!


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      I stay busy in my garden and hydroponics. I do a puzzle and a matching game a day, work on a minimum of 300 verse recitations a day and I stopped listening to most news feeds as it is what it is …. I still have to go to work, I have taken off more days than in years past …. With the house almost finished and we will start the new garage in a few weeks (getting quotes now), I am praying this is the big distraction for me. I have always had the thought, it is just fine with me if I never finish these things ….

      TR – it is weary waiting for those of us who are awake and alert to the times, but we are so very close, it truly is more surreal now than ever before … that door in heaven that John saw in revelation is opening and the trumpeter is coming through the portal to call the Bride home … It may be today, tomorrow, next week, next month, fall, or even one more winter … but it is in our life time and we are the terminal generation, I have that promise in my heart.

      Do you find that you talk with the Father more? I feel like he is ever close listening to us and reminding us to have patience, the time is at hand. I try not to be like the two year old tantrum and scream saying “NOW, I want it NOW” (from a scene in Willy Wonka :mdrmdr: ).

      I admire Geri for thinking ahead to Christmas, I am not even ready for July 4th and that is my daughter’s birthday :calvin

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      As a show of trust, I have a generally more quiet demeanor knowing I am in His hands, come what may!

      I don’t seek revelation knowledge, nor a date, but simply wait with bated breath!

      Being an introvert by nature, though I may shift down, I don’t shut off!

      As mentioned, I simply sing “Do remember me” within myself!


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      Geri and Tammie have shared what to me is wonderfully inspirational and positive to choose to be about in these grim days before He calls us.

      It is healthy in every way, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically, all for various reasons, to consider following in our sisters footsteps in finding fulfilling needed and/or undone projects to do. Things to do for ourselves, for others, or as Geri shared…for those who will not go in the rapture, but who can find bibles, teachings, video’s and writings to show Who Jesus is and why we have disappeared, giving them hope and direction.

      These are joyous things to focus on that will refresh the heart and soul. We can listen to worship music or teachings while creating…organizing, that draw us near to God, putting us in His presence, filling us up, comforting, renewing our hope, faith and trust in His promises, that maintain that peace that passes all understanding.

      Maybe a bigger focus, not knowing when Jesus will call, would be to consider, taking on mini gardening or other talents to share in neighborhoods between neighbors as the food supply seems to be lessening!

      However the Lord leads, it seems a good thing to ask the Lord how He might want us to be involved, that is uplifting, not only for ourselves, but for the joy to share with others also in whatever He leads us to do.

      Thanks Geri for sharing the blessing your choices have brought to you! :rose:


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