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        So I was studying the Book of Jonah with my women’s bible study group and it really taught me something.

        So we know how Jonah was reluctant to go to Nineveh, was swallowed by a fish and later spit out of it.  We know that Nineveh was shown mercy by God, and He did not destroy it.  But I don’t know if a lot of attention is given to the attitude of Jonah, how he was actually very angry that God did not destroy Nineveh.  God even asked him if he thought it was right for Jonah to be so angry, and Jonah says YES!  I am not sure if I would be so bold as to say to God that I think I am right and He was wrong for not destroying Nineveh!

        Anyway, the thing that struck me, is that Jonah had no love for  the people of Nineveh.  (It may have something to do with him being a Jew and them Gentile.)  But the bottom line is he wanted to them to be destroyed and he wanted to watch.  He went up on a hill to see if God wouldn’t change His mind and destroy the city.  It really surprised me that a servant of God would have that much of a lack of love and empathy for others.  I guess that shows us how human even prophets can be.

        So I thought of my own walk, and thought of Jesus returning, since it is my favorite subject to think about.  We watch for His return, and we also watch for the beginning of the tribulation.  We talk of how God will judge the earth.  And I had to ask myself, with all of the wickedness in the world today, am I wanting to see the wicked judged?  Would I take joy in watching it all burn?  I know in the past I have even said, I hope I get to watch the tribulation happen from heaven.  Do I take joy in the wicked getting what is coming for them like Jonah, or do I feel heartbroken, like Jesus would be when having to judge His creation?  I want to choose to be like Jesus and make sure that I have love, not hate, for  the wicked.  Yes, they may deserve judgment, but so did I at one time, and if not for the grace of the God, I would be judged with them.

        It was a real heart check for me.

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          Indeed a check of the heart is often needed.  The Word tells us to love what God loves, and also hate what God hates!

          This is why we need to be constantly checking what’s in His heart.

          God is said to want that none would perish, but is at the same time is well aware that many will.

          We can resign ourselves to giving God glory for His great salvation, while yet respecting His judgements.

          For it is written that all will be without excuse, who suffer His judgement!

          Again, I have every assurance that God’s judgements are righteous.  He doesn’t make mistakes.




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            My heart hurts for the consequences to those who reject Christ, whether through willful rejection, or deception. To think of their end in eternal hell is distressing, when there couldn’t have been a gift more free than to acknowledge the living and true God and His Son Jesus.

            I wouldn’t want to enjoy seeing their demise, but I also don’t want to carry the sadness of their decision. I know God has given each one ample opportunity, and I give the burden of rejecting Him, over to Him.

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              Surely the Lord doesn’t hate people, just the evil and wickedness they indulge in!

              In theory, God offered His blood for every human being!  No doubt the Lord himself is saddened by those who refuse His advances.

              Thankfully in Glory, we will not remember those who didn’t choose Christ.


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                I never really studied the city of Ninevah but I do recall seeing a TV program years ago stating Ninevah was a very wicked city and they were notoriously cruel to the Jews so that could be why Jonah didn’t like his assignment of preaching there and was trying to avoid it at all cost.

                I’m living in a small condo community where I quickly learned …. the homeowners are all vindictive, lying backstabbing people.  It was horrific the first year I was here.  I nicknamed this place the hell fire club because that’s what it was … a living hell.   I was fortunate to have great neighbors all my life until I moved here.  I won’t go into the details because I could write a book with all the junk that went on.  My close on-line friends were praying with me for the situation to improve.  Received answered prayers … out of 12 units  – 5 sold and moved out and 3 others currently have their units up for sale!  The remainding 4 original owners are standoffish but I can live with that.   And all the new homeowners so far have been kind and friendly.

                I did get a chance one on one to witness to 3 of the nasty homeowners before they moved out.  Not at all surprised they rejected the Good News and called me a fool. I don’t take offense because the Lord warned us the “preaching of the Cross is foolish to those who are perishing”.  The 4 remaining original home owners still hold board positions and they are also anti-God … the Christmas party is called “Holiday” party.  I attended the one this past December and saw them get drunk and then they knocked down religion and were cursing Donald Trump and his politics.  I will not go out of my way to witness to them, unless they bring up the subject one on one.  I rather concentrate on the lost when I go to the stores or have appointments at the doctor/dentist, etc.  Perhaps I’m kind of like a Jonah?  However, I don’t wish evil on them and do feel sorry they are heading to Christless eternity.


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