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      From the opening book of Genesis until the final conclusion of Revelation we get to see a God that designed a world just for us -only to have us sin against Him.  ~ ~  . . Yet, He doesn’t stop there but rather pursues us  ~~  Amazing Love, how our Adored Lord brings all who receive the Gospel of Grace into a right relationship with Him through the shed blood of Jesus. That is Compassion – That is Love.

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      Well said Donna.  Indeed it is amazing to think that our God who spoke the worlds into existence took the time to personally fashion and create Man.  Using His own hands in the process certainly speaks to how intimately we were created, for the purpose of eternal intimacy in our relationship with Him!  What love displayed!

      Truly, who can know the depth of His love towards each of us or number His uncountable blessings?!  I can certainly understand Satan’s rage, realizing that he was neither offered redemption, nor the Lord’s heart as like we!

      Love & blessings…beloved Sis!


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      The contrast of Light and darkness is becoming increasingly obvious, isn’t it . .

      the insanity of the devil’s hell bent destruction is not for much longer,  ~ ~  and even satan will find his eternal destiny more unbearable than realized, ever immersed in indescribable darkness  ~~  ~

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