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      Humbly Irrelevant

      If Jesus walked HIS earth today, in this world of chaos and rioting, what might HE say to the preachers that should be standing firm for Him?   What might HE say to those that are cowardly and only want to be politically-correct instead of Biblically-correct?  What might HE say to those that tolerate evil and seek to avoid confrontation at all costs? What might HE say to those that only want to build their congregations through soft messages and loud music?  I reflected on all this, and I hope what I came up with below is not irreverent in postulating what He might say.


      What Might Jesus Say If He Walked The Earth Today

      Children, I passed by to visit today,

      And was concerned with what I saw,

      I thought when I gave my life on the Cross,

      That I did away with the Judaic Law.


      Yes, I came by to visit my Bride,

      To see how she presented me before man’s eyes,

      But the doctrine espoused startled me,

      It could confound the studied and the wise.


      I perceive that My Blood is in question,

      That is was not sufficient to atone,

      This, I admit, disturbed me greatly,

      As it did our Father on the Throne.


      I also noticed a disturbing new trend,

      Which mistakes “tolerance” for love,

      These two should never be confused,

      For “tolerance” seeks to destroy everything from Above.


      If you remember when I walked this earth,

      That I clearly stated I brought a sword,

      The words I spoke created a divide,

      Demarcating hedonistic pleasure from reward.


      I now just have one question for you:

      How can my Word effectively proceed,

      When you tickle the ear of the lost,

      Mistaking YOUR opinion as some good deed?


      Arguing with others over semantics,

      Nit-picking over some hurt feeling,

      Is creating a roadblock that need not exist,

      For this world is in dire need of Spiritual healing.


      Children, the hour is very late,

      The Rapture is almost at hand,

      I need you to grow some semblance of courage,

      And go outside and make a stand.


      Your neighbor is lost to the world,

      His soul is on the fence,

      Do you really think that your self-centered opinion,

      In the BIG SCHEME really makes any sense?


      Really?  Think about it.


      You think you are being My watchdog,

      And protecting My every word,

      But the pride, arrogance, and calling of names,

      Is really quite absurd!


      Is this how you lead my flock?

      Are your really edifying the innocent sheep?

      You seem more concerned about being “right”,

      Than other benefits that you might reap.


      When you enter into your pulpit,

      You should check your ego at the door,

      If your only purpose is to exalt yourself,

      Then your objective will never win the war.


      Look UP!

      I am here!

      I am the Alpha and Omega,

      And the Creator of the hemisphere.


      Stop trying to be all things to everyone,

      Direct your energy to saving a soul,

      Seeking your own self-aggrandizement,

      Is taking quite a toll.


      You are held to a higher standard,

      Yet you bend like a flower stalk in the wind,

      Because some love you for your compromise,

      You will no doubt rue your eventual end!


      Look up, look within,

      Read My Word end-to-end,

      Stop striving to have your ego stroked,

      By those you think might be your friend.


      I am your Friend, I am your Savior,

      I died so that you could live,

      Yet you sell yourself to the devil,

      In the end you’ll have nothing worthy or worthwhile to give!


      As for me, I will follow the Lord.  He is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path (Psalm 119:105).


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      Well written!  TR

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      Behold I stand at the door ready to cross the threshold.  Hand in hand we shall walk in new and glorious realms.  Forever joined together!

      I Am the truth, the only way and life eternal.  Joy and bliss for those who believe and recieve Me into their heart!

      Many yet will join Heavens family, but my bride is prepared.  Already she looks only upward for her redemption and her marriage!

      Only to be united in a holy and precious union!  Rejoice, rejoice. She is chosen of the Lord, for she also has chosen Me!



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      Don’t forget, well done though good and faithful servant!

      Or, come on up!


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      The Christian Post headline today  “Most US Christians uncomfortable with returning to church: survey”

      Yet I’m sure these same people who are hesitant in stepping back into a church building for services are willing to enter a grocery store, or doctor’s office or …. with no problem.

      If they are truly saved … why would they fear catching the virus or possibly dying?  Seems like their actions now are fulfilling this verse …

      Luke 18:8

      “ … Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on the earth?”


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      What a hoot if at the Rapture Jesus asks us:  What took you guys so long?!


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