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      I had to write this post because my default position is to A.) on my best days look to the heavens fervently hoping for the rapture today and B.) on my worst days to gripe, whine and complain about why wasn’t it yesterday or the day before or the day before ….?

      Fortunately I don’t have too many “worst days “ but I will admit that there are times when I have a few bad days like that and then there are days like today which are the rarest anomaly when I actually am exceeding grateful that the rapture did not happen yesterday or today and here’s why.

      I manage a farm where we also have some vacation rentals and today while checking on some of our renters I had a nice conversation with them as I frequently do- but this was different.

      This turned out not to be just a casual, friendly conversation but a Spirit-led, Spirit-filled God appointment.

      In the course of conversation the guests told me that they were on their honeymoon and how much they were enjoying their stay with us and how they needed this rest and peace because the groom had had just found out that he has stage 4 cancer (I forget what kind now).

      The conversation changed immediately when I asked them “would you mind if I pray for you?”  They were thrilled when I asked them this.  But I didn’t get one line of prayer out when I was prompted by the Spirit to stop and ask them “are you guys Christians?” I told them it really didn’t matter but I needed to know so I would know who I was praying for and how to pray.

      The lady replied that she was once catholic but now does not really believe in organized religion but does believe in Jesus. The man said he believes in a higher power but was raised Jewish.  I said “perfect! I’m going to pray now, but then we’ve got a lot to talk about afterwards!”

      I told them I could not promise them a miracle but that I believe in miracles and that Jesus often still works miracles and that maybe this might be the very purpose that He was using this great sickness to draw them into Him and told them whether “Joey” is healed or not, either way he needs Jesus- Yeshua the Jewish Messiah.

      I told him that just like his namesake Joseph (Yoseph in the Hebrew) that what men meant for evil God meant for good- and that perhaps the devil intended this cancer as evil upon him but God is using it for good that we might meet and pray together about it and that perhaps he would be healed! (He acknowledged that was true!)

      I prayed just like Yoseph means to add or multiply may God add and multiply your healing to you in the name of Jesus Christ and next time you go to the doctor may your cancer be gone!

      I then shared my own testimony and how I was saved and how God had given me a “Jewish heart” when I was born again and I have always had a ministry towards the Jewish people and I gave probably the clearest, strongest and most passionate Spirit lead presentation of the Gospel that I have ever given.

      While I did not pressure him to make a decision on the spot, I encouraged him to pray about it and pray with his wife also about it and encouraged him that if he decided to become a Christian and only then he should seek to take communion which I told him would first be a healing for his soul and maybe even a healing for his body as well.

      And I quoted him Isaiah “for by His stripes we are healed “ as well as many other scriptures.  This little summary cannot do justice to the conversation.

      We probably altogether talked and prayed about an hour (such a blessing to have a job that I can stop what I am doing and minister for a while!). When I was done the Spirit was so thick, heavy and strong I felt like I was floating for a while!

      Days like this when I can see hope for a lost soul and scales start to fall from eyes bring me such joy that God is still working and still saving and still healing also – it makes all the “bad days” worthwhile – and that He actually let me be some small part of His plan makes me actually glad the rapture hasn’t happened yet and I had a little more time to witness and glorify Yeshua on this side of eternity!

      Please pause for a few moments to pray for “Joey” and his wife and keep “Joey” in your prayers-  FIRST AND FOREMOST that he does make that all important decision to trust Jesus as I think he is about to!

      But secondly, plead to the Father with me that He let’s Jesus do what He did  best when He was with us 2000 years ago (Other than saving us of course!) but what He might be more famous for in the secular world is being a healing miracle worker!  The Bible confirms the Jew desires a sign ands as long as its not asked for in hypocritical pretense like the Pharisees asked (they would only get the sign of Jonah/resurrection), I don’t think that God minds giving them a sign sometimes for the truth seeking Jew!

      Please pray for a miracle healing for Joey and that it would give him his own powerful testimony about Yeshua the Messiah, Savior and healer- lover of his soul!

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      What a  wonderful opportunity that you gladly let the Spirit lead you in! Will be praying for this couple :prayer-hands:

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      You have blessed the Lord’s heart, your own and theirs more than you can know!

      Lord God Almighty, May the Holy Spirit nurture and grow this seed planted in both their hearts!

      Perhaps the Bride sits upon them and their decision!

      Divine appointments designed by will always bear much fruit!

      And an added blessing for this brothers heart of obedience!


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      Thanks for sharing!  I will be praying for their spiritual healing as well as physical healing for Joey.  Great job in being faithful in the work of the Lord!

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      I am confident Lord that you will work a miracle in this situation!  A miracle of spirit and hopefully for body and soul as well! May you add rewards both in Heaven and on Earth for all who share the gospel and are faithful to the very end!  Let us brag on our Father’s name as He reveals his heart to the crown of His creation!  Let Heaven and Earth and the angels rejoice for what the Lord hath done!  TR

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      Awesome!!!  I do believe the Lord led them to you to lead them to Him!  He is still working and thank you for sharing so we can praise Him with you and pray for them, too!  God’s love for the lost is shining through you- I’m proud to have a Heavenly Father so full of lovingkindness and a brother in Christ so willing and even enthusiastic to be used as a vessel of that lovingkindness poured out on our fellow humanity…may God work these miracles of salvation unto Eternal Life and physical healing from cancer for Joey in this current body and life on Earth.

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      Amen, thank you for all the prayers!  But he way the wife’s name is Amy.

      They left to head back home and I gave them my cell phone number and told them to keep in touch, that I would keep praying for Joey’s healing and that I wanted to help disciple Joey with his first steps as a Christian after he had thought it over if he comes to that decision, so I really hope I am able to do that for him.  The choice is up to him now!

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