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        I get a sense on our forum and with other folks that I know that have been serious watchers for at least a few years…..of a winding down. We have seen: the movement of the chess pieces in the middle east and alignments between nations that have been out of the norm but were certainly prophesied; an incredible uptick in natural disasters; the globalists start to assert their plans and control around the world; the plans for digital money, ID passports, less freedom and more control; Israel prospering back in her land and the plans for the new temple; a movement away from the gospel in mainstream religions; an increase in all things alien, evil and demonic; a purification preparation of the Bride the church to separate us from those who have forsaken the gospel and His Word and are not part of the body of Christ; the shadows of the coming wars, food shortages and famine; the many signs in the heavens from blood moons to eclipses to planetary alignments and finally the Spirit who speaks Truth in our hearts as He frequently does about so many things and now…..that Jesus is coming, so very soon. We see the Day approaching, it is not a question of if we have the right season any longer… is when, because we know….we are in The Season. Whether it is today, this weekend, next week or next month or even in months (doubt!) we know our time here is nearly over. It is difficult to keep an excited and passionate demeanor for those of us who have seen so many days, feasts, months and years go by in which we had the season wrong. One of the easiest ways to know that it is right is that the whole world of watchers are hearing the same Spirit as before it may have been only a few. These days I am trying as JD says to push people towards Jesus- to make each conversation get around to the Lord and then go as He leads me. I will watch every day until we go, but I won’t get discouraged any longer…..knowing these days are few and eternity will be beautifully endless.  So as the time of watching is winding down…..we will be going up, and forever will we be with the Lord. :amen:

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          Yep … I’m staying on extra high alert that this is our time to fly away.

          I saw this on the RITA facebook side



          So if this timeline calculation is correct … we surely don’t have too much time left.

          And the days are flying and the unsaved are noticing that too but don’t know “the why” they just assume its because they are getting older.  They don’t see the spiritual aspect that we are living in evil days and we are at the end of the age of Grace.

          Not only is God speeding up the time but I’m not sure if you are seeing this in your area but in my neck of the woods (for the past 3 years) we only have 2 seasons … summer and a looooong winter.  Spring and Fall are a thing of the past.  Just curious are any of you raking leaves yet?   I am :bye:  the one tree on my little front lawn have been fallen down since July.  So I’m busy every 3 days or so raking them up. B-)


          Daniel 2:21  And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding:




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              The seasons have been definitely different, not raking leaves here in TN but having a lot more rain this year than usual. I know that the powers that be have been messing with the weather, and then they blame “climate change”. They will be in for a shock when God’s judgments do things with the weather that they can’t control. I dread it for the regular people, hoping they will get saved early on….. I am very interested in the timeline this fall, but honestly looking every day…..I am sooo ready!! :flyup:

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            Avatar photoDonna

              yes .  ‘to go as He leads’ . . the whole reason and purpose we are still here, dear siblings ~


              Meditating and asking,. How could anyone reject Jesus, and the Glorious God He surely is? Why would anyone trust another Jesus? . , ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ” . . . The Son of God became the Son of Man because:
              He had the law to fulfill,
              darkness to dispel,
              truth to disclose,
              error to expose,
              prophecy to accomplish,
              justice to satisfy,
              sin to remove,
              righteousness to impute,
              sinners to save,
              people to sanctify,
              redemption to purchase,
              a church to build,
              a bride to purify,
              freedom to grant,
              heaven to open,
              life to give,
              death to destroy,
              Satan to conquer
              and God to reveal!” ~~ . .

              ~ ~ ~ ~ . Rapture Ready

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                Well said!


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                  Just wanted to point out this timeline for the tribulation again from Luis Vega at  If we were raptured this Rosh Hashanah, his timeline has the tribulation starting on the last day of the fall feasts, which seems appropriate, and Jesus’ return in 2520 days occurring again on the Rosh Hashanah of 2029.  Interesting timing.




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                    :feedback Has anyone seen the following in a video or article?  I though I did, but I am not finding it now.

                    Not only is 2022, 70 years (10 shemita’s, 10 being perfect number) from Israel being BACK in the land, BUT it may also be 70 Jubilees since the The Jews entered the promise land for the first time.  It is estimated that the Jews entered the promise land around 1400 BC.  70 x 49 = 3,430.  3,430 – 2022 = 1,408.  Very close to the estimates.  Also, I just read on a site that the Jews entered the promise land on a jubilee year.

                    So, could it be that 2022 is 70 jubilees since they entered the land and 70 years, in shemeta’s since they have been back in the land?  I sure hope so!


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                        Dave, I like C J Lovik’s presentation.  It was up before, last week I think. :yahoo:


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                        Thanks MWS, I was sure I had seen this somewhere.  I will watch this video again for a double dose of hope on top of Earthangel’s article.

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                          Waiting for the (third) temple to be taken off the face of the Earth!

                          Still hoping for a Summer Rapture then three months for the third Jewish temple!


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                              If I’m not mistaken 9 AV is sundown today thru sundown, Sunday Aug 7th so its too early to drain the baby water out of the pool. B-)


                              And if not … then … what days in August are left? :mail:   Or do we focus on …

                              Feast of Trumpets – Sunday, Sept 25th – Tuesday, Sept 27th?


                              Yom Kippur – Wednesday, October 5th?

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                                  I saw a video by Ty Green that suggests that the calendar is off by two days because of when the moon was sighted, where the stars are etc…so his video suggests Aug. 9th. I will post the video if I can.

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