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      Vicky’s watching

      Today is the last day of your life but tomorrow is the beginning of your life. So today live a holy life for Jesus because He may come and we are out of here and tomorrow if your still here, make it a day of living holy for Jesus because He could come tomorrow and we are out of here. Anyway you look at it, we are so ready to fly away with Jesus no matter what day it is. Love you all, I hope that encourages you to keep living a HOLY life for our Lord Jesus.  See you in the air soon! :yahoo:

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      Well said, Sister! Thank you for those encouraging words. I recently read from Terry James, contributing author on Rapture Ready, in his book “Essays in Apocalypse” “Being Rapture ready is being ready, period. It means you are prepared to meet the Lord at any moment – at all times”. One of the benefits of being a Watcher is being prepared for the return of Jesus, even if it is just for us, as an individual, through death.

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      Or as I like to describe eternity.  Eternity Past, prior to space & time.  Eternity present, from the creation by God onward.  And lastly, eternity future.  When all things will be new and unending.  Finally within the hand of God’s heart, never more to be separated!


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      Avatar photoDonna

      so good .  .    yes, Vicky ~~~ churching here as watchers is a blessing ~~ ~    contemplating  together our soon gazing on our God is exciting, as well as comforting so soon to our Lord’s  call . .  ~ ~

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