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      I stumbled across this interactive map of the world showing each country’s stance on abortion.  If you go to the link below, you can click on each country and see what its laws are.  It is from the secular source “Center for Reproductive Rights.”  The map is misleading though.  The parts that are red in color does not mean there is no abortion at all.  For most nations in red it means it is restricted to save the mother’s life or in the instance of rape, which means they still kill children.  And remember a lot of the time it is left to the “discretion” of the doctor to decide if it is necessary to abort.

      All of the green countries have basically unrestricted abortions.  How sad it is to see how dangerous this world is for the unborn.  Can you believe the difference in the world?  Only 50 short years ago this kind of thing was unimaginable.

      How long will God allow this slaughter of the unborn?  To kill these babies, the most innocent thing in the world, is as evil as this world can get.  :groan


      Red:  To save the woman’s life or prohibited altogether (I have found very few that prohibits it altogether.)

      Orange:  To preserve health

      Beige: Socioeconomic Grounds

      Green: Without restriction as to reason  (Look how much of the world is green!)

      Gray:  Unavailable

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      Disgusting! God’s judgment is just and is only a moment away.

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      Two weeks ago, in response to New York’s horrific law that allows babies to be killed any time during a pregnancy, there was an event on 2/23 called the Day of Mourning.  It actually took place in New York very nearby where the legislators demonically celebrated about a month earlier (perhaps underneath the legislative chambers, if I understood correctly).  The venue held about 3,000 and they had to open four other churches in NY to watch the simulcast as overflow.  In addition, there were satellite events in somewhere between 25-35 other cities around the US.  It was intended to be a day of mourning for the children and prayer for national repentance for the evil our nation continues to perpetrate against the most innocent and vulnerable among us.  We had one in my city.  Now granted, it was not very well publicized, but we had about 40 people show up.  If I had to guess, and it is just a guess, I would be surprised if we had more than 15-20 thousand people participating across the country.  Even if it were 30,000, that is still only one-hundredth of one percent based on an estimated 330 million people living in America.  There is a remnant in America, praise God, but the closer we get to the end, the smaller it seems.  God’s anger over the abuse and murder of His creation will soon bring about His totally justified and deserved wrath.  I cannot help but think of Habakkuk’s prayer: O Lord, in wrath, remember mercy.

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