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          Welcome back Boulder! :good:

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            Buddy!!!  Let’s go to lunch again.  Miss you, man!

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                Hey! You didn’t ask me to go to lunch ;)

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                  Absolutely Dan !


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                David W. Roche

                  Good to see you back, Boulder!

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                    Hi Boulder! Good to see you again

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                      Welcome Bro!  Missed you!


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                        Loz, it warms my heart to know you are here with all of us.  Blessings all over you!


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                          I don’t know who put the new site back up but Thank You Jesus. I just couldn’t do the Facebook thing. I haven’t blogged anywhere it just hasn’t been the same. It felt like someone died when the old site went down.  In fact I think I was out right mean Ooops

                          Two years ago I spent all my time focusing getting my son a football scholarship and then he picks the one school that didn’t offer him a scholarship but an offer to be on the team to earn a scholarship “Colorado State University” His name is Jonathan if you remember. He went to St Johns Military academy in Kansas and at first what a disaster but then he earned all state honors in football. He wouldnt be playing D1 football if he hadnt.

                          The Lord works on his schedule.

                          I guess his football has been a cover up to my following prophecy.

                          I still haven’t forgiven my father for his physical assault on a close friend. The person who was attacked has forgiven him. I ve heard the scripture almost daily from my mother how can the Lord forgive you? I keep telling her I’m sinless :-) She doesnt believe me.

                          Im still a Dr Jeremiah Fan. We went to the prophecy conference in Oklahoma two years ago. It was great to see and meet JD and Dr Hitchock.

                          I miss Chuck Missler.

                          I still have no idea why I’m a prophecy nut other than to scare people.

                          Im convinced there are no good pastors in Denver since Dr Dixon at Cherry Hills passed on my birthday no less. Uggh

                          I get more out of sermons on the radio then I do going to church which is bad.

                          I used to think God was using me for something. Now I just feel like a paper weight.

                          I feel like I’ve gotten meaner sometimes towards everything but my heart bleeds more for the people of India, Venezuela, and North Korea.

                          Two of my sisters now have cancer 49 and 40 which is No Bueno

                          My is still very sick too which is sad.

                          I got a dog. Bohdi “Patrick Swayze from Point Break” the movie. He’s a french Bull Dog who looks at me like I’m stupid 98% of the time.

                          My son asked me Saturday if I thought the world was going to end :-)

                          If you havent seen Free Solo see it tonight : – )

                          I spend every penny on my son. He’s with the best coaches and the best sports psychologist.

                          I’m still blessed to have free rent managing an apartment.

                          I still wish I had the conviction that near death and dieing people have from trip to heaven.

                          I’ve been thinking about a sermon I heard recently. Focus on asking the Holy Spirit to unless the Christ already in you. I thought that was awesome.

                          I’m still angry at my sisters for not taking care of my mother :-)

                          I feel like were getting really close to the war of Gog and Magog.

                          I cant picture Israel being an unwalled villaged in the future?

                          I hope the accusations against Netanyahu are wrong. I like him.

                          I wish I could go to Israel still. Maybe next year. I have good Israeli friends who I met at my bank who ask me to come over.

                          I still think there will be a fallen angel ufo invasion just prior to or after the rapture.

                          I cant listen to Steve Quayle or Alex Jones any more. They depress me too much.

                          I still wonder about pre destination.

                          Im still scared to death of my BEMA Seat review. I hope I can give him the Cliff Notes Version.

                          Its been a true blessing to have such a good relationship with my son. We talk 10 times a day.

                          I’m still with my girlfriend Sheena.

                          Oh Jonathan could use prayers his back is hurting. He see the Chiropractor. Tomorrow

                          My mother is still very lonely and in prayer daily about it. I’m baffled as to God’s Plan.

                          Im not sure why I dont listen to K Love any more.

                          What a blessing it was to see Phil Collins in Washington DC last year. :-)

                          And Paul McCartney in Omaha 2 years ago :-)

                          Well thats a good start. What has everyone else been doing. I want to hear updates from everyone.

                          I literally wanted to Cry when Dan the Man called me to say the new site was up.

                          Rock ONNNNNNNNNNNN













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                              And back to you TR. :prayer-hands:

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                              Oh and that’s my son getting beat up in the picture. To his defense he’s a kicker. :-)

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                                One of the lines that jumped out at me was this: “Im still scared to death of my BEMA Seat review. I hope I can give him the Cliff Notes Version.” Lol! Brother, I know what you mean! I said the very same thing to the mods last night in one of our discussions. The Laborers in the Vineyard parable comes to mind Mat 20:1-16. The ones hired in the morning being upset because the ones brought in at the end of the day were paid the same wage as they were. Some commentators point to the fact that these workers negotiated with the owner instead of allow him to reward them from his heart, which has its place. Other’s talk about the jealousy of the ones who had been working all day, in the heat of the day, while the others came in after the heat died off, yet were paid the same wage. But for me, being a Christian since I was 8 (49 years) I see that they have no reason to be upset because of all the time they may have spend slacking off, like I have. How many brothers and sisters come to the Lord late in life and really allow the Lord to work through them. And how many, like me, have squandered so much time chasing things of no everlasting value. I pray I may finish the race strong! I pray you will too. I’m glad to see you back, Boulder!

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                                  I’m so glad your back, your post kept things interesting. And your insights kept things, well I will say lively, and I think that’s a good thing. so very glad your here.

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                                    Interesting, Scott…  So I believe you said your son is a defensive kicker.  Kind of a unique position… :wacko:

                                    Maybe you don’t really want to go to lunch with such a smart alec.   :negative:


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                                      So glad to see you, Boulder!

                                      God lined it all up to get RITAN back on line.  All in His perfect timing!  So happy to see the ol’ gang back together.

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                                        Me too!

                                        Only knew RITA was back when someone posted it on Doves last week.


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                                          I’m not a super active poster but do enjoy reading other’s posts.  I, too, am glad the website is back up and getting away somewhat from being dependent on FB.

                                          Before finding RITAN when they had their old site up I was a frequent visitor to the Rapture Ready Forums but for some reason there just is hardly any activity there anymore which seems odd as the day approaches.   So another reason I’m really happy to have this site available. :yahoo:


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                                          My observation, Humble Warrior, has been that traffic on all the rapture forums I have visited in the last several months has trailed off.  Some even to a one or two posts trickle, even that level maintained by a few charter members.  My guess is that all our watcher glory years of “Look at this, folks!” have spiraled down in many of our hearts to, “Yeah, already been there, already thought that long ago, have the t-shirt, was wrong again…”  Let’s face it, several years ago it was an exciting Rapture 101.  At this point there’s possibly very little new Rapture stuff to discuss.

                                          I have not talked to any of the mods or members about if, and if so why RITA Now is experiencing a lot more traffic than other forum sites are perhaps experiencing.  If my guess is so, it’s not primarily about obtaining new prophecy perspectives as much as it has been about renewing previous relationships.  There are scores or maybe hundreds of, “Hey, Buddy!  How have you been?  Gosh it’s good to talk to you again!  Remember when…”  Jesus said, “By this shall men know that ye are my disciples, that ye have love for one another.”

                                          But as in every family reunion, family members may stay lovingly and significantly involved for a time.  For hours and / or days until they have to get back to daily life after the family reunion.  But some family will still keep in touch by telephone, or FaceTime, or Skype, or SMS texting, after the reunion.

                                          You could read a couple of my posts here in the last week that state my expectation for the start of the Tribulation.  And we believers have to be out of here before that event.  My expectation is based on a great deal of inspired research, not mine but from sources I respect, yet my telling most or all of the salient details to other folks here would likely put many people to sleep.  And those who could stay awake would probably want discussion around their own skepticisms of interpretations, and rabbit trails would soon abound.

                                          Years ago here we were almost satisfied to all get excited about the next unimpeachable lead-pipe-cinch date for the Rapture!  Yess!!!!  Favorites such as Pentecost or Trumpets… …and Jesus never came.

                                          We’re close enough to the Rapture now, in my humble opinion, for me simply to be satisfied with the old friend back slapping among our RITA Now family, mixed in with a very strong dose of praise and adoration for our Savior!

                                          So thanks, Humble Warrior, for coming out to us again.

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                                            Yayyy!!! Praise the Lord…I feel like I have just come back home to my real family after the other site was shutdown!! I have missed RITAN forum so very much and can’t wait to meet each of you so very soon in Glory!!!


                                            love, Cherished :rose:

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