Yeah, but we ARE here on earth ~ right IN the 'tension' ~~

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        ~  ~  It is God’s joy that we realize our true identity now that we possess Christ’s Spirit in us, which IS Heaven sent  ~~  ~and, so here on earth, though it does feel at times  paradoxical, we do ask why?

        ~ ~   Physically, we are here on earth, while citizens in Heaven, too ~    Jesus is physically in Heaven, yes there, while presently here by his Spirit ~ ~ Who can understand?

        ~contemplating the reality of God’s dimensions while  on earth?   Is it just Christians who feel this tension?

        What  is our greatest purpose, dear sibs, while one earth?   Learning to be “ambassadors for Christ” — Is this a spectacular purpose for us?  God thinks so ~~

        Still, in this flesh, in these tents of limitation, God is at the helm, and calls His ways perfect ~ ~Even and especially because faith is most pleasing to our God through Christ,   our Adored Lord will and does have His joy set before Him. .    ~~~

        ahh, but we would rather stay in wanting to look for that bedazzling glimpse of Heaven, ~

        God says we are already in part there now ~ ~ God very much reminds us how He values purpose among His children on earth . .  and gave us His Son . .  ~~

        heaven does touch this world  through His dear ‘ambassadors’  —

        ~ ~ . . . so Amazing is His Plan of eternal blessings both touching Christ’s Heart  and ours in all He is and does, Sovereign and perfect ~~


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          Simply put, It’s all about Him!  I again I have to thank God that He saved me from myself, for His self!


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            Thank you Donna your post are so uplifting I often say in this flesh we can not fathom the joy and beauty waiting for us. Soon we will be with Him and it will be wonderful.


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              Donna, beautifully written- expresses so much of what the Lord has been reminding me this year and helping me understand a little better- it is a mystery though- Isaiah 55:8 His thoughts and ways are definitely different than ours…but He is so good and He is love so we can trust His ways above our own!  plus it’s so cool how He does strengthen our faith in Him- helping us learn and think more like Him as we ask Him to and read His word!

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